Active Projects

Those are the most relevant projects I’m working on. You can find more at my GitHub.

All projects are integrated with GitHub and are automatically built when merging or commiting (let’s not overcomplicate) to master. When relevant I use GitFlow to manage the repository. For example, GraphQL has been added to the development branch/build on at-the-tsbyss-leaderboard.

Project Description GitHub App
AlgafoodAPI (WIP) A project based on a course from Algaworks. Algafood API is a REST API for a food delivery solution. GitHub
Feedback Center (WIP)   GitHub
The API Boilerplate A boilerplate for an API with the essential. GitHub
Drugo Investments (WIP) An app to manage my investments. Developed on Spring Boot (Spring Security, Thymeleaf, JPA), Bootstrap and I plan to use VueJS + Axios at some point. GitHub
Leaderboard API for at-the-tsbyss game A NodeJS (+ MongoDB) API to store the scores for the at-the-tsbyss game. GitHub
Boilerplate Spring Vue.js App A Spring Boot application with Thymeleaf handling the pages to be provided and Vue.js with Axios requesting additional data. GitHub